A GLASGOW taxi company has unveiled a new look for some of its taxis to demonstrate the acts of kindness its staff carry out on a daily basis.

Glasgow Taxi's have shared the new Your City's Friends branding which appears on 30 of the iconic cabs across the city.

The brand is intended to remind people not only the core service provided but of the significant added value and charitable work the company undertakes all year round.

After first being installed around a month ago, more and more vehicles can now be spotted with the slogan on them.

The first driver to drive around sporting one of the new creations, Jim Smith, believes the design is going down well.

The driver of 10 years added: "I think because we do so much for the city, it has been well received.

"We have taken people to the hospital and, to be honest, you often don't take the money. You can see people are in need.

"There is a lot of trust in us."

Fellow driver David Hodgson said: "I love the job, we are a friend to the city. We are a permanent fixture here but we are a necessity.

"Long after everyone else stops for the night, we are always going to be there."

Another driver recalled the time he drove a lady's shopping home for her, after she returned to the supermarket to retrieve a £1 from her trolley. He later returned to pick her up.

Stephen Flynn, Glasgow Taxis Ltd chairman, said: “We’re very proud to reveal Your City’s Friend as the new slogan for Glasgow Taxis Ltd, which perfectly captures the essence of our role in serving Glasgow. Our staff, members and drivers help transport thousands of people safely every day but we do so much more, often unseen or unheard, and always for the betterment of the city."

“For example, in the first couple of months of 2019 we have introduced defibrillators to 15 taxis, one driver helped recover the stolen mobile of a Strictly Come Dancing dancer, another fixed the wheelchair of a conference delegate, and we’ve supported the Beatson Cancer Charity, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice too. We’ve a phrase at Glasgow Taxis – “this is what we do” – and these examples and many more are simply all in a day’s work.

“Your City’s Friend is a complementary message to the famous People Make Glasgow slogan, which also features on our 30 cabs, reminding that our staff and drivers are the very heart of Glasgow Taxis.”