MHAIRI Black has slammed “grown men” she says have been left offended by her use of the word “riddy.”

It comes after the SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South called Wednesday's Brexit vote "an absolute riddy" for Prime Minister Theresa May on Twitter.

MPs defied the Government and dramatically decided to rule out a no-deal withdrawal from the EU in scenes some Tory Brexiteers described as “chaotic.”

READ MORE: Mhairi Black describes Brexit chaos as 'an absolute riddy' for Theresa May

Ms Black took to Twitter after the vote and wrote: "It’s an absolute riddy that the Prime Minister tabled tonight’s motion and ended up voting against it. The entire thing was just another ploy to try and scare the ERG into voting for her deal yesterday. An absolute embarrassment."

However, the politician says her use of the word has not gone down well with many.

One Twitter user hit back: “It's an embarrassment you tweeting 'riddy' ffs…”

Ms Black later replied: “Mental how many grown men are in my mentions absolutely triggered by the word riddy.”

For readers not familiar with the word, it means someone’s face has gone very red through embarrassment.

MPs are today set to vote on whether to keep Britain in the EU longer than planned as they vote on whether to extend Article 50 or not.

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