A TRAGIC Instagram star who delayed cancer treatment to give birth to her "miracle" baby has revealed her bucket list.

Abbie Colvin, who is originally from Glasgow but now lives in England, was diagnosed with cervical cancer at just 19.

The now 21-year-old was scheduled to have a hysterectomy but when doctors attempted to perform the procedure, they dsicvoered she was pregnant with her son, Oscar.

But, the Celtic fan's devastated sister Christie revealed the cancer has now spread and she's been warned she might not see another Christmas.

The popular social media user, who has more than 7,000 followers, has now created a bucket list to achieve with the time she has left.

Glasgow Times:

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Among the items are to teach her son something he'll never forget, get married and gain a first class in her medicine degree.

On a gofundme page, Christie wrote: "Her loved ones around her see her when she's unable to even lift her head off her pillow because she's so weak from the treatment, her bald head because she's lost all of her hair, or that she now wears size 0 clothing because she's lost that much weight from being sick every time she tries to eat something or just in daily life.

"But no one would ever know as she holds her head high and has the happiest spirit you could ever imagine.

"She never lets anyone around her feel down and sad and that's exactly why she keeps such a brave face and powers on as if nothings even going on in her life.

"She keeps fighting for her little miracle baby and I genuinely believe thats what has kept her going. She is such an inspiration to everyone around her."

Glasgow Times:

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The family are now trying to raise the cash to help Abbie achieve her dreams and create memories with her young son.

Speaking on Instagram, Abbie said: "It’s cruel because it’s also a teaser, you can have clear scans and decent blood tests for weeks to then find out it’s all back again worse than before.

"I’m proud to say I haven’t lost my hope and I think my positivity helps those around me.

"I have a brave face for them because I know they’ll be strong if they see me be strong too. And my son needs a strong mama."

So far, the £15,000 target has already been smashed in just over a week.

To donate visit here.