A DISABLED man has been left unable to see after being stabbed multiple times in the head during a "sickening" attack at his home in Glasgow.

The 54 year-old man, who is known to suffer from anxiety and has a learning disability, was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary after the attack at his home in Germiston in the north of the city in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police said two teenagers, aged 17 and 18, have been arrested in connection with the incident and appealed for witnesses to come forward.

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Shocking pictures shared on social media by the victim’s friend show multiple slash marks across his face and neck.

One photo shows a large gash across the right side of his face which has been stitched, and his left eye is purple and swollen shut.

Medical staff have said his condition is stable but a friend who visited him in hospital Sunday told the Evening Times that he cannot see.

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The man, who is well known in the local community, has been named by friends as Paul McGregor.

Hundreds of well-wishers have sent cards and gifts to the hospital and a GoFund Me page has raised almost £600.

Glasgow Times:

A friend said: “He’s stable but he can’t see out his eyes and he is really sore.

“We went to the hospital today as well to visit him and I think he’s received about 150 cards today.

"Just people on social media and stuff handed them in with toiletries, pyjamas. Just bits and bots, some food and stuff, loads of Lucozade."

The victim’s friend, who has known him over 20 years but asked not to be named, said: “It’s just a shock to be honest, it’s a disgrace, because he does suffer from anxiety and stuff like that and he has got special needs.

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“And he really keeps himself to himself and the in the community a lot of people help him and stuff like that, so it’s a sickening attack to do that.”

Police and emergency services were called to the victim's home at around 3am on Saturday.

Glasgow Times:

The Glasgow man is said to be overwhelmed with all the support he has received from strangers and the local community.

His friend said: “He said it was nice, he was overwhelmed, he’s not on any social media so he doesn’t know really what Facebook and stuff like that is, but we just keep reading out the messages and I think he was really overwhelmed with it all.”

According to his friend he has been in and out of hospital and on “various medications” for his anxiety. He also has a carer who takes him out and about regularly.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the Mr Mcgregor by James Carchrie who said he has been in touch with his friends and will ensure all money raised will be given to him.

On the page Mr Carchrie wrote: “Nobody deserves to have this happen to them, so let’s all band together please, and show some love and support to this poor fella.”

Glasgow Times:

When asked about the GoFundMe, which has already raised nearly £600, the victim’s friend said: “It’s a kind gesture because he doesn’t have much, he doesn’t work and he’s on his own so, with the cost of living and stuff like that, it can get him back on his feet, maybe I don’t know do something nice .”

To donate to the fund go to www.gofundme.com/glasgowattackvictim