THE owner of a killer dog which mauled a terrier to death before biting his girlfriend boasted that his ‘monster’ pet would rip animals apart.

Corey Greenfield bragged online about his six stone American Johnston bulldog before it savaged 14-year-old terrier Zac and attacked Stacey Clark last Tuesday.

The tragic pooch’s devastated owner Robert McHugh, 57, told how 13 people tried to pull the huge mutt off his beloved terrier as it devoured his neck while off the leash.

Vets tried in vain to save the mutilated animal but he was already dead.

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Robert, from Possilpark, Glasgow, said: “We’re all in bits about what happened, if I had been there that dog would have killed me as well.”

After savaging Zac for at least 10 minutes, the vicious dog then attacked Corey’s girlfriend Stacey - who had been walking the dog at the time - and clamped its jaws around her arm.

Heartbroken Robert was alerted when a neighbour knocked his door to tell him his ‘best pal’ had been mutilated.

The council worker said: “Zac was a really smart, good dog - all the neighbours absolutely adored him.

“He was such a good dog that we could let him out on the leash to go to the park himself and he could even open the fence himself.

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“He was out enjoying the sunshine and my door went and my neighbour said to me ‘Robert, you’re not going to like what I’m about to tell you - Zac’s dead.’

“I ran outside and he was lying there, his whole neck had been devoured, after this devil dog had got hold of him for 10 minutes.

“There was 13 people there trying to get this bulldog off him, hitting the dog, pulling at it, and it still wouldn’t let go.

“We took Zac to the vets but they said there was no way that he could have survived.”

Robert and his wife Janice, 56, contacted cops about the incident but claimed they refused to take it seriously.

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They found the dog’s owner Corey on Facebook and noticed he had shared posts threatening that his own sister’s pet would be ‘ripped apart by ma monster dug.’

Checkout operator Janice said: “I’m absolutely disgusted by the way the police reacted to be honest, they just washed their hands of it.

“We contacted them 7 times on the phone and went to Maryhill police station that night to warn them this dog was walking about off the leash and could kill someone but they didn’t seem bothered.

“They called Robert last night to say they hadn’t even been in touch with the owner yet, which I think is terrible.

“We’re absolutely heartbroken but there could be other people at risk now.

“This guy is online boasting about his dog killing people, he shouldn’t be allowed to have pets.”

Corey refused to comment despite his girlfriend Stacey claiming she ‘begged’ cops to put the dog down.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “We can confirm that this matter has been reported to police and our enquiries are continuing.”

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