THE deli where schoolgirl Paige Doherty was murdered is set to be re-opened as another deli, the Evening Times can exclusively reveal.

Delicious Deli, on Clydebank’s Fleming Avenue, was shut after John Leathem brutally murdered the 15-year-old on March 19, 2016.

But, the Evening Times has learned another business on the street is in talks with the shop’s owner to take over the space.

Fleming Foodstore, which is separated from the former eatery by a small walk way, opened their own deli following Leathem’s arrest three years ago.

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The small premises is now doing so well its owner is looking to expand and has already purchased some of the items which were originally owned by Leathem, who rented the property for three years prior to his crime.

The building’s owner, Mr Singh, said he hopes Paige’s family will approve of the plans but believes “things must move on”.

He said: “If [the Foodstore] want it, that could be a plan. Things have to move on … but nothing is in stone.

“If it doesn’t open as a deli, it’s going to open as something else because we’re not losing money.

“It’s been three years, we can’t change the past. We’re very sorry about what happened to the girl but you’ve got to move on, we can’t leave it.”

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He added: “We did have discussions with [the Foodstore] because they’ve got a deli inside the shop, it would make sense because they’re running the deli anyway.

“She’s trying to get the backing of the family and if everything’s fine, it will go ahead.”

It’s understood the potential renter has approached members of Paige’s extended family for approval, however, the news has sparked anger among the community who want to see the building pulled down.

But, as the shop is attached to an out-of-use hairdressers and a thriving takeaway, it’s understood it wouldn’t be possible to raze the deli to the ground without causing potential structural damage to the Mr Tasty take out.

When approached, Paige’s heartbroken mum confirmed she was told of the bid on the third anniversary of her daughter’s death and the would-be owner had even suggested hanging a picture of the teen inside.

Pamela Munro said: “It’s really distasteful to re-open it as a deli and it wasn’t a good time for me to be told.

“I don’t want to see it opened again but certainly not as a deli.

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“My kids won’t be able to visit family in Whitecrook because I can’t allow them to see that open as a deli, it would terrify them.

“We can’t give our blessing for the place our daughter was killed to be re-opened as a deli.

“We were approached about a picture being hung in Paige’s in memory which we’ve not really thought about but it’s inappropriate.”

The potential new tenant could not be reached for comment.

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