SAFETY tests on electrical equipment in City of Glasgow College student flats were not carried out due to an oversight.

A college representative was hauled in front of licensing chiefs to explain the error, which involved 40 properties, housing hundreds of students, in riverside accommodation on Thistle Street.

A Glasgow City Council officer found no current issues at the flats during an inspection in October but portable appliance test (PAT) certificates were unavailable for the two previous years.

The licensing committee was told: “When the inspecting officer asked to review previous certificates, they were advised they were unavailable due to an oversight.”

The college’s Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence was renewed after representative Lorna Grove said a new maintenance contract was now in place to ensure tests were carried out annually.

A report to the committee said: “The applicant was unable to produce the PAT certificates for the two years prior to the current PAT certificate.

“It was explained that this had occurred due to the maintenance contract for the site including PAT for the administrative areas but not for the living accommodation.

“Assurances have been received from the applicant that new procedures have been established to ensure that all necessary testing is undertaken and relevant certification obtained.

“Adherence to the new procedures should allow the standard of management to be assessed as satisfactory in the future.”

All properties currently meet health, safety and welfare standards. The report stated: “At the time of inspection no items for completion were identified to the applicant’s representative.

“It was however noted that historical PAT certification was unavailable. The applicant has been reminded of the need to fully comply with the conditions attached to their licenses and has provided a commitment to ensure this is done in future.”

A HMO licence is required when three or more unrelated people rent a property with a shared bathroom or kitchen.