GLASGOW tax dodgers have had their vehicles clamped in a DVLA crackdown.

A total of 86 cars have been clamped in the last week and the DVLA warns it won't stop there with drivers told to tax their car or lose it.

The campaign is targeting areas in the country where evasion is highest. Over the last 12 months, motorists in the G postcode area have received 32,371 enforcement actions, from fines to clamping and removal of a vehicle.

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DVLA National Wheel Clamping manager Bethan Beasley said: “This campaign has a clear message for anyone who flouts the law in this way – tax it or lose it.

“It’s never been easier to tax your car, so there really is no excuse. We would rather not have to clamp or remove vehicles, but this campaign highlights the consequences of not taxing a vehicle.

"Having your vehicle clamped is expensive and inconvenient – and you could end up losing your car.”

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