A REFUGEE who attacked his three sons and wife claimed the allegations were invented to prevent deportation from the UK following a marriage break-down.

The man from Iraq who cannot be named for legal reasons was denied a new cab licence following a confession that he said his then-wife invented a plan to portray him as a domestic abuser despite being convicted of the offences.

The father-of four who is living in Glasgow had been driving private hire cars around Glasgow since February 2018. Last August he was found guilty of slapping his first son on the head, hitting his second son on the head and throwing a table at him between January 2015 and April 2015.

During the same time frame he headbutted his third son and spat on his face before throwing a table cloth and food at his ex-wife.

In 2018 he was placed on a non-harassment order for two-years and ordered not to contact or approach those members of his family.

The man who claims to still be in touch with his daughter said pretending to be a domestic abuser was the only way to stay in the UK when he separated from his wife. He appeared at Glasgow City Council’s licensing board on Thursday.

A representative of the applicant said: “He came to the UK from Iraq in 2012 to seek Asylum. He would send money back to his family until they were able to join him in Glasgow.

“He never assaulted the children. They were looking to settle in the UK long term but were informed if they separated within the first five years they would be sent back to Iraq. Neither of them wanted this and they found out they could stay if one of them was a victim of domestic abuse.

Councillors were astonished at the revelation.

Councillor Robert Connelly said: “The submission you have given is quite frankly disturbing. You are saying the family made up this abuse so they could stay in the UK. This is not right at all. In genuine cases of domestic violence people can be terrified to say anything”

Following the discussion the majority of councillors refused the application.