Horrifying crime

THIS has to be one of, if not the, most horrifying crimes ever perpetrated against a senior citizen that I have ever read (Glasgow pensioner tells of horror moment masked robbers attacked her and sprayed her with bleach, Evening Times, March 30).

I hope the lady manages to recover from her ordeal and that the police get a grip on the three miscreants and get them in front of the High Court.

I know the police do their best and that the jails are bursting but I believe that there isn’t a strong enough deterrent, as crimes of violence are reported every other day.

Johnny Mack, posted online

Vile thugs

I HAVE many words I could use to describe these vile thugs but I will use the word “scum” as that’s exactly what they are. It is shocking that they seemed to plan this attack for when the lady was on her own and this makes this attack even worse. I sincerely hope that when they are caught that the Crown Office will use every law at their disposal to get these thugs before a judge in the High Court and that the judge throws the book at them.

J P, posted online

Shameful move

THERE are so many horrific aspects to this crimem it is difficult to know where to start. The fact that criminals targeted this elderly lady and waited until her carer was out is shameful and will make many carers feel “guilty” and anxious when having to go out.

Ian Davidson, posted online

Heartbreak of system

SOMETHING really does need to be done about Universal Credit and the amount of heartache and hurt it is causing so many people. And despite this, the Tories still can’t see the misery they are causing.

Jaz Jack, posted online

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