Plea for mums

Yet again Mother’s Day has clashed with the Old Firm.

Two years in a row this has happened. Is it a joke? The one day of the year dedicated to mums and half the family head off to watch a football game. Please be better organised next year, league planners.

C Perkins, Glasgow

Dippy delight

I loved your April Fool report on Dippy the Dinosaur wearing the traffic cone. Absolutely first class!

M D, Barrhead

Copy kids on litter

I was relieved to read your report into the reduction of children being fined for dropping litter.

I can only agree with the representative from the Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign, who mentioned the increasing awareness of young people when it comes to caring for their own environment.

Several warnings are made every week about the dangers to our planet, and it seem that those listening most keenly are the younger generations.

With fewer and fewer youngsters dirtying our city’s streets with their own garbage, we can only hope that this trend continues, and that the older generations follow suit.

G Hutchison, Glasgow

Court memories

REGARDING Judy Murray’s visit (Evening Times, April 1) 30 years ago, Maryhill Park had some caretakers and a team of lads taking care of the upkeep etc, but these courts were always left to ruin. Myself and a few friends spent a few nights a week on those courts after a hard day at work. It was never used much and we tidied it up a bit ourselves to make it playable. Sad to see it in such a state, but in truth, even back then, we were the only ones using it.

Kevin Ross, posted online