Clubs must act

THE scenes of violence in Glasgow city centre after the recent Celtic and Rangers game were an absolute disgrace. Families having a day out on Mother’s Day were witness to brutal street fights which ended in people being stabbed. Other pubs had windows smashed in.

The clubs, of course, will deny any liability, saying that what happens outside the ground is nothing to do with them.

Sorry, but that simply does not wash anymore. When you have players behaving like thugs and a manager stoking the flames by saying he would have done the same thing in order to curry favour with fans, then things have gone too far.

These are the clubs who accept no responsibility for controlling the poisonous atmospheres inside the grounds, such as sectarian chanting and goading.

‘Nothing to do with us’.

What happens inside the stadium has repercussions when the hoards leave and make their way into town centres, where they are always too willing to demonstrate their feral instincts by inflicting their poison on decent people.

Surely the football authorities, who are hopelessly inept, should be brought to account by the Government? This situation cannot be allowed to continue.

M A, Glasgow

Sack the MPs

Is it not time Westminster was shut down, with all sitting MPs sacked? They should then be barred from standing again – they have exhibited a blatant disregard for the people of this country. They have had over two years to sort this out, but we still have people abstaining from voting, a clear dereliction of duty. Bring in 650 other people with the provision that all votes in the Commons will be free votes and all MPs are obliged to vote by law. No abstainers, or is that too simple for this lot?

William Allan, East Kilbride

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