THE family of Alesha MacPhail yesterday urged mourners to forget her vile killer and remember the tragic girl’s angelic face.

A tribute page dedicated to the six year-old also changed its name from ‘Justice for Alesha’ to ‘Alesha Sarah MacPhail: Our Very Own Star’ last night.

One heart-rending post shared by relatives told how her 24-year-old mum Georgina Lochrane, from Airdrie, had backed the name change to carry on her little girl's memory.

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Sharing an adorable snap of the youngster in a pretty dress and orange hat, the family wrote: "We are in process of simply changing the name of this page from Justice for Alesha MacPhail to Alesha Sarah MacPhail: Our Very Own Star.

"This decision was discussed with Alesha’s mother Georgina and she made the final decision on what the name would be changed to.

"Please don’t un-like the page, we have already lost four people due to the name change.

"Justice for Alesha has been done and now it is time to honour and remember Alesha for the beautiful little girl she was."

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It comes as another post shared by relatives vowed not to mention killer Aaron Campbell’s name as they carry on tiny Alesha’s tragic memory.

The post said: "Share Alesha’s photo. Not his. Share Alesha’s story. Not his. He doesn’t deserve to be seen. Alesha does.

"Alesha’s life was important and he took it from her. It wasn’t his to decide. Don’t forget Alesha’s face because his is being shown. Alesha’s story isn’t over.

"He doesn’t deserve to be known, Alesha’s does and this page is for her."

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We told last month how 16-year-old Aaron Campbell was convicted of abducting, raping and killing Alesha on July 2, 2018 on the Isle of Bute.

Her remains were discovered in the grounds of the former Kyles Hydro Hotel on Bute on July 2.

Campbell was sentenced to 27 years behind bars for the brutal rape and murder of Alesha.

His sentencing hearing was the first ever in the UK to be live streamed.

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