A DEVOTED father has told of his daughter’s delight at receiving a Mother’s Day letter from his late wife.

Dean Lennon, 30, from Kilmarnock, couldn’t believe it when his daughter Ella, 4, received a reply to her Mother’s Day card from her mummy in heaven.

Little Ella posted the letter addressed to Mummy In Heaven, with a drawing and heartbreaking message on the envelope saying: “Happy Mother’s Day, I Love You, Ella.”

Mum Jennifer passed away on December 8 last year and this was Ella’s first Mother’s Day without her.

Ella couldn't believe it when she received a handwritten reply from heaven - after a kind person in the Post Office saw the envelope.

The beautiful letter read: “My beautiful Ella. Thank you so much for my very special Mother’s Day card. You’re one in a minion to me and I love you very much. Millions and billions and trillions is how much I love you!

“You are growing up to be a very clever and special big girl and I am so proud of you, and even though I am in heaven I watch over you every day.

“Lots of love hugs and kisses, Mummy xxx.”

Dean said: “Ella was delighted. I would like to thank the kind hearted person at the Royal Mail who sent Ella back a letter from her mummy in heaven. Her wee face was lit up.”