Smacking sense

REGARDING laws on smacking children, what planet is Maree Todd on?

At 60 years old, I’m old enough to be from the generation where we were occasionally smacked, and very few of us grew up to be violent. Instead, we had respect for others.

Whereas today’s generation from the era of the do-gooders have no boundaries and are busy shooting or stabbing each other or their teachers.

In fact, it’s many of the older, smacked, generation that are left picking up the pieces, with being left go take care of grandkids.

The parents who smack their children are instilling responsibility into them, and invariably discouraging violence, as kids have a natural tendency to hit others when there’s no swift deterrent.

Don’t assume parents will suddenly develop extra reasoning skills instead of a smack to control their little tearaways, because they won’t.

So who will pick up the pieces next in the inevitable feral society?

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Food for thought

I DON’T think Denny’s is doing well in the way it has dealt with it’s reviews (Evening Times, April 3).

I do know through experience that people do online bad reviews as a way to try and get money off or a refund etc. It’s quite scandalous the way people think they can hold a business to ransom in that way.

However, there is no excusing 200 bad reviews, let’s be honest!

S M, posted online

Chain reaction

Go to a chain? Expect chain standard of service. You pay usually near the same price for a real meal from an independent restaurant.

Alex Hewetson, posted online