April Fools' tweet a joke

WHAT a totally inappropriate April Fools’ Day joke from the highly-paid Andy Waddlle, the Director of Operations in Land and Environmental Services. He tweeted a prank about a ‘miracle grit product’ which glows in the dark and repairs potholes on the very day the Glasgow City community charge went up by three per cent for the city taxpayer.

Ho! ho! ho! What a joker he is!

Wouldn’t he be far better spending his time dealing with real city centre potholes, graffiti, faulty lighting units, broken footpaths, weeds and weeds in the city centre because it looks very much to the city taxpayers that Andy Council and his staff and city councillors are being encouraged to walk by these faults without repairing them.

Where is their pride in the city of Glasgow? Doesn’t he realise that his own department’s advanced notifications of work notes with his name on them are fixed on to lamp standards all across the city and then left there to rot, leaving unsightly plastic cable ties attacked to lamp standards for years to come.

Memo to council leader Susan Aitken and Andy Waddell: this is not good enough.

Chrissie Francis, Merchant City

Slow on the uptake

WHY is it China has built the world’s largest high- speed rail network without any problems, yet we can’t get a train from Glasgow city centre to the airport 10 miles away?

It’s time to remove the biggest obstacle to this problem... politicians and councillors! The money is available, the infrastructure was put in place years ago at Paisley and Central. So, as we keep hearing about Brexit, “Just get on with it!”

Dave Smith, Cathcart

Thanks to fire heroes

SERIOUS fire! Must have been terrifying for those living in the building, next door and the across the street. Well done both Open Reach and our wonderful Fire & Rescue Service. Thanks to both!

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