Pothole repair vow

WITH regards to Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken’s column – so ‘the new system focuses on permanent repairs to potholes and other road defects at the first time of asking’.

What a great idea! It shouldn’t be seen as a new system though, it’s common sense to fix something right the first time!

Brian Davey, posted online

Thank you for something that should have been the norm all along, unless you are showing us a sense of humour with a little tongue in cheek?

Anne McCurley, posted online

Sunday parking charges

THE impact of charging for on street parking on Sundays will be severe.

Dressing it up as some sort of green policy fools no-one. I am starting to reconsider my vote for the SNP, I think a lot of people will after the independence vote.

Paula Barclay, posted online

Climate change plea

I PERSONALLY am concerned about the environment (Glasgow City Council wants your view on climate change issues, Tuesday).

However, I think that Glasgow City Council should try and focus on trying to solve the growing problems of Glasgow city centre first, before trying to save the world!

Alasdair Milne, posted online

Can Councillor Richardson perhaps answer a few quick questions to help guide responses?

1. At this point, by exactly what level has Glasgow been impacted by climate change?

2. What scientific devices have been used to determine the exact effects on Glasgow to this point – and in the future – of climate change?

3. What is the final goal? At what point will it be determined that enough has been done – what goals and parameters have been set by the city?

Graeme Mackay, posted online