Today marks fifteen years since Emirates first touched down in Glasgow airport in 2004.

The milestone comes just under a week before Emirates brings the iconic A380 aircraft to Glasgow for a six-month stint, the first regular A380 service to Scotland.

Since the introduction of the Glasgow Dubai service, more than 4.5million passengers have travelled between the two cities.

To celebrate, here are 15 facts you didn't know about the airline.

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1. Let’s Glas-Go: The A380 can carry 489 passengers at capacity, the same as a full house audience in the Main Auditorium of Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre, which means up to 14,670 Glaswegians could be flying each month from Glasgow to Dubai based on the number of available seats.

2. Sky-High Bar: Emirates’ A380 On board Lounge is a stylish u-shaped bar staffed by a member of cabin crew so customers can stretch their legs and mingle in the relaxed setting, and Scots can enjoy a wee dram in the skies.

3. Making History: Glasgow Airport is the first Scottish airport to welcome the A380 on a scheduled service. To prepare to receive the A380 on a regular basis, the airport overhauled its runway and docking station, as the aircraft can weigh up to 575 tonnes (as much as 2,614 Scottish Red Deer).

4. Spread Your Wings: The A380’s wingspan is a whopping 79.8 metres – that’s more than twice the height of Glasgow Cathedral located in the heart of the city.

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5. Massage Chairs: Imagine enjoying a massage on a plane right from the comfort of your own chair? The Emirates First Class seats include a massage setting to help alleviate any muscle tension or even help with getting some 40 winks.

6. A Whole Lot Of Haggis: The Emirates A380 can carry a total of 17,705 kilograms in passenger baggage allowance – that’s the same weight as 35,410 small servings of Haggis per flight.

7. Showering In The Sky: The A380 boasts two spacious on board shower spas for First Class customers, which include under-floor heating and luxurious Emirates Private Collection Bvlgari amenity kits.

8. World’s Largest Flying Restaurant: 1,800 chefs create 12,450 recipes a year to cater for Emirates’ fleet including the A380, with approximately up to 29,340 meals due to be served on the Glasgow to Dubai route every single month.

9. Flying Salmon: The A380 doesn’t just carry passengers – Emirates SkyCargo will carry a host of items, including whisky, Scottish salmon, cheese, chocolate and oil well equipment. The most popular destinations for Scottish salmon, shellfish and oysters include China and Hong Kong, while Scottish Whisky is most often exported to South Africa, Singapore, Sydney and Korea.

10. Watch Live Sports and News: Enjoy Emirates’ award-winning ice inflight entertainment system which not only helps make time fly but also screens major sporting events and breaking news coverage in real time.

11. Personal Cinema: Emirates A380 passengers can choose from over 4,000 channels of movies, TV shows, music and games on demand on the inflight entertainment ice. Scottish talent screened in the skies include James McAvoy in kid’s classic, Sherlock Gnomes, David Tennant in Doctor Who (Series 4) and Karen Gillan in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

12. Service In The Sky: There are 24 Emirates cabin crew on every A380 flight, which means 4,320 crew will be flying from Glasgow to Dubai to serve guests over the next six months.

13. Fuel-Speed Ahead: The A380 is capable of flying distances of up to 15,000 kilometres between take-off and landing, one of the longest-range aircraft in the world.

14. Suite Deal: 14 fully-enclosed Private Suites are available in the A380’s First Class, where guests can enjoy a fully personalised experience as close as it comes to having their own private jet. Select your own meal times and bed times, with fine dining at any time, an on board shower spa and the ultimate lounge bar just a short walk away.

15. Towering Above: With a cruising altitude of 43,100 feet, the A380 flies at over 103 times the height of the Scotland’s tallest freestanding building, the Glasgow Tower.

Emirates’ iconic A380 aircraft will start operating to Glasgow from April 16, until September 30, the first regular A380 service to Scotland.

The plane will be configured in a three-class setting, with 14 private suites in First-Class, 76 lie-flat seats in Business Class and 399 spacious seats in Economy Class.

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Across the aircraft passengers will benefit from more space and best-in-class service and entertainment through Emirates’ ice system of over 4,000 channels of on demand audio and visual entertainment.

Passengers in First-Class will be able to have the unique experience of taking a shower mid-air in the onboard shower spa, while those in First and Business Class will also be able to relax in our onboard lounge with a cocktail mixed by our in-air bartenders.