A POPULAR Glasgow nightclub has withdrawn its application for a 4am licence - after it was branded "one of the worst" nightclubs in the city by police.

Bosses at Kushion pulled out of their bid to open until 4am after police revealed 25 serious assaults had taken place at the club on Bath Street, including a stabbing, in the last 12 months.

In September 2018, a 21-year-old man had to be taken to hospital after he was stabbed on the dancefloor. Since April 2018, 17 incidents have taken place inside the club and eight on the street outside.

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Police Scotland confirmed a person was glassed on a night out, a DJ was punched on the face, a member of the bar staff was attacked, as were paying customers.

On one occasion, a man ended up with a broken jaw after he was assaulted. A steward was racially abused and another clubber became aggressive when he was asked to leave.

Glasgow City Council has introduced a pilot scheme for one year to allow clubs to operate until 4am. The first applications were granted on Friday.

Glasgow Times:
Kushion on Bath Street

Kushion’s application, which also requested extended hours for Lucky 7 and Flat 0/1, was discussed by the licensing board.

A spokesman for Police Scotland confirmed the extent of the incidents after concerns were raised by councillor Bill Butler.

A representative from Police Scotland said: “In the last 12 months, police have recorded 25 serious incidents which have taken place at this club, including a stabbing on the dancefloor.

“This is unusual, and I would say this is one of the worst nightclubs in Glasgow.

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“Police intervened three months ago and actions have been taken to address these problems. Extra staff have been hired to make sure people within the club are safe.

“We are monitoring the premises. There have been no further problems since our intervention. Kushion had appeared before for minor incidents but not to the same extent.”

Members raised further concerns about the safety of the general public as well as staff.

Councillor Thomas Kerr said: “I think it is absurd that someone could get through security with a knife.”

During the hearing, it emerged  the majority of the incidents took place between 12.30am and 2am.

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Councillor Matt Kerr added: “This project is supposed to encourage better standards within our licensed premises and reward those that already have a high standard.”

A representative for Kushion, Archie MacIver, said: “We have been trading for 14 years. There have been no problems in the last four months, so it would seem the ship has been steadied. We are back to where we were a year ago.

“We have identified where improvements can be made - there is a lot which can be done on both sides to try and sort these issues out."

Councillors agreed it would take longer than three months to solve this problem and the application was withdrawn.

Kushion has been asked for comment.