GLASGOW Royal Infirmary has been named one of the world's top hospitals for patient care and medical advancement.

The 225-year-old hospital, where ultrasound was pioneered, was ranked according to feedback from medical professionals, patient survey results and medical performance indicators.

The Royal was the only Scottish hospital to make the top 100 list alongside healthcare facilities in Germany, Japan, Switzerland and the United States.

Glasgow Times:

The hospitals which made the top 100 were said to be 'at the forefront of adapting to new challenges while providing outstanding patient care.'

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Designed by Robert and James Adam, the original Royal Infirmary building  opened in December 1794 an had five floors (one underground) holding eight wards. After a number of additional buildings were added, the first in 1816, a specialist fever block in 1829 and a surgical block in 1860.

In 1856, Joseph Lister, known as the ‘father of modern surgery’ became an assistant surgeon at the Infirmary and a professor of surgery in 1860. 

Running the new surgery block, Lister noted that about half of his patients died from sepsis. Lister’s experiments lead to the use of carbolic acid to clean instruments.

In 1875, a student of Lister, William Macewen, introduced the practice of doctors wearing sterilisable white coats and pioneered operations on the brain for tumours, abscesses and trauma.

In the 1950s Professor Ian Donald, working in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology, was one of the pioneers of diagnostic ultrasound. A new building designed by James Miller was opened by King George V in July 1914.

Glasgow Times:

Newsweek teamed up with Statista Inc, a global market research and consumer data company, to rank hospitals world-wide.

Dr Chris Deighan, Chief of Medicine for NHS Glasgow and Clyde’s north sector said: “We are delighted that Glasgow Royal Infirmary is named in the top 100 hospitals in the world and in the top 10 in the UK.

“The Royal’ has been caring for Glaswegians for 225 years now and has been at the forefront of pioneering medicine over that time.

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"This recognises the hard work, dedication and excellent care for patients that is provided by our staff.”

It comes after NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde was named as having the best hospital catering in the UK.