Drug rooms

Referring to the article on April 10 about the Lord Advocate to reconsider the use of drug rooms.

I think he has used common sense and logic in his decision.

Glasgow has an estimated 13,600 users and I wonder if the Scottish drugs forum will know the statistics on how much these people cost police Scotland and the health service in terms of support and committing crime.

Why are we trying to promote legalising of banned drugs which decimate families, communities and not to mention a drain on both the health service and police Scotland resources?

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Life of poverty

I WAS shocked to read the story in Monday’s Evening Times regarding child poverty in the city.

Action has to be taken to protect youngsters and ensure they don’t have to endure a life of poverty.

MW, Glasgow

‘Blocked’ cycle lane

I THINK it’s a disgrace that staff from Police Scotland are blocking a cycle lane in Dalmarnock (Monday).

There are constant campaigns to encourage people to get out and do exercise, yet obstacles such as this are put in the way of cyclists.

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