SNP keeps moaning

All the SNP does is constantly moan about everything to keep the drums banging on about Independence.

I voted to leave the EU. She does not represent me and the 38 per cent who did.

Even yesterday they could have done something about the rape clause and done zilch with new power to cover it.

Does the SNP think everyone in this country is stupid? We know the game they are playing. Bye-bye at the next election.

Peter Darcy, via email

Notre-Dame funding

It is obviously a tragedy that the Notre-Dame Cathedral has been destroyed by fire.

Talk is already that up to €2billion will be raised to rebuild the historic building.

Without appearing to be cynical, if such funds can be found for a building, why can’t we raise equal amounts to rid society of the evils of homelessness and child poverty?

Just a thought.

MA, Glasgow

Monorail vision

What does it take to get through to Glasgow councillors? It doesn’t matter if you have a brand new super-bus – it still has to travel on the M8.

Get the finger out and build a monorail down the River Clyde.

Try to look ahead for heaven’s sake.

LJT, Glasgow

4am club closing

I FEEL for residents who live next to nightclubs which will remain open until 4am (Evening Times, Tuesday).

This will be an utter nightmare to live beside. The noise can be bad enough in the streets near these venues without having them stay open even later.

Name and address supplied