AN SNP councillor has resigned the whip amidst claims he has been subjected to bullying and harassment from the leader’s office.

Linn councillor Glenn Elder will sit as an independent as he feels the SNP group has “lost focus” and promotes a “hostile” environment across the chambers.

Mr Elder also raises concerns regarding the administration’s disregard for the majority of the council chambers decision to scrap p1 testing.

A letter to Leader of the Council Susan Aitken was submitted this morning.

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His letters states: “Any criticism of direction is responded to with unconcealed hostility, promoted by you (Susan Aitken) and those close to you. I now believe that I have no choice other than to resign the whip and my SNP membership.

“I still fully believe in the core tenet of the SNP, that of an independent Scotland. Sadly, I cannot, now, be a member of a group that I believe has lost that particular focus, deviating towards personal agendas and being prepared to use bullying and harassment in order to ensure obedience.

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“When I was elected to represent the Linn Ward in 2017 I stood to be open and transparent, as a result this letter will be sent to all elected members of the council. I hope others will stand by that pledge in the future.”

An SNP spokesperson said: “We thank Cllr Elder for his service to the SNP since he was elected to represent the Linn Ward in 2012. 

"We don’t recognise the characterisation of the group and it is unfortunate that his decision has come after a reshuffle.” 

Commenting on the decision of Councillor Glenn Elder to resign from the SNP, Glasgow Labour Group Leader Frank McAveety said: “I want to congratulate our colleague Glenn Elder on standing up to bullying and harassment. This cannot have been an easy decision for him. His contribution to the City is appreciated across the Chamber.

“In his letter, he has laid bare a culture of bullying and harassment. This is deeply concerning. For an administration that campaigned on transparency and openness, the revelations today are very damaging. 

“Susan Aitken and the SNP must reflect seriously on these concerns, and consider the future of this administration.”