When David Brown was looking to buy a home in Glasgow, he knew he wanted something out of the ordinary.

“As soon as I walked into this one, I was like ‘this is the one’ and I had an offer in that day,” David said, as he showed us round his one bedroom Glasgow Green flat.

When the 32-year-old business owner saw an advert searching for “interesting Scottish homes” for an upcoming TV show, he thought he would enter. 

“I submitted it, didn’t think anything of it and then all of a sudden I got a phone call saying ‘can we bring the crew round, we’d like to film it for this show’,” he said. 

His home was then in the running to win Scotland’s Home of the Year – a new BBC Scotland show – and it would compete against three other west of Scotland houses in a regional heat.

It was a sunny April afternoon when we received a tour of David’s place and the floor to ceiling curved windows let the light flood right through. 

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Monty, David’s adorable fluffy dog, plodded around behind us as he slid and pushed one door to another, showing off the dynamics of the space.

“All the walls kind of slide and move so if you want to close the bedroom off, you just close it over. The glass panels as well, they are all designed to hide all the features.

“It’s the open ‘plan-ness’ that I love about the place, if you’re chilling in bed you can have the door open and see right through it and if things are happening in the Green, you can sit out on the balcony and have a free ticket.

“It’s got a wow factor.”

The flat, along with its modern quirks such as a drop down projector screen and hanging filament bulbs, still harks back to its roots with reclaimed Glaswegian mahogany and rosewood floors.

The furnishings of the flat were also purchased with the originality of the flat in mind, David said, such as the 1950s style round, wood and metal table.  

The first owner of the flat, Jonny Barnes, completely upturned its original layout and commissioned an architect, Alan Pert, putting in a raised platform to create the bedroom, installing the sliding and swinging doors, as well as an extra-long bath tub. 

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“It’s the first bath in my life that I’ve ever actually been able to lie down in, I’m 6ft 4in and it’s a 7ft long stainless steel bath, which is really cool to use,” David said.

Each ‘room’, or rather section, of the flat is painted a different colour which the original owner intended to reflect different moods. “The strip lighting in each room is different too, you’ve got blue in the bathroom, red down near the kitchen,” David said fiddling with a number of different sensor light-switches near the door. 

“The people who lived here before me made it more of a home, rather than reflecting on the style that he’d (the architect) had gone for, so for the last couple years I’ve really been trying to pick out the furniture that would have suited the model of what he tried to do and restore bits and bobs that he did,” David explained. 

For example, the bedroom, which was originally been painted orange, was a ‘horrible’ purple when David bought the flat two years ago. 

“I restored the bedroom back to the original orange.  I got a handover from him, orange is meant to do stuff for you when you wake up, he really thought of everything,” he added. 

The “handover” was a detailed diary the orignal owner had written for new owners of the flat, explaining the colour themes, the materials and fixtures. 

“It’s been cool to live in so far, I haven’t had any issues apart from trying to find bits of lighting and stuff which are like 20 years old now, it’s hard to find it, they were quite revolutionary at the time,” he said.

But for David, who’s father is an architect and he also studied architecture at university, restoring the flat to it’s original design has turned it into the “perfect” home. 

“It’s perfect for me right now in my life, it’s close to the city centre, there’s the park for the dog, and then there’s the style of the place,” he said. 

David is yet to see the episode himself, and is unaware how the three judges reacted to his home.

Watch his heat of Scotland’s Home of the Year this Wednesday on the new BBC Scotland channel.

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