GUIDANCE that opens up women-only sport sessions in Glasgow to "cross-dressing males" could leave females “wide open to abuse from sexual predators”, it has been claimed.

Campaigners say rules designed to be inclusive towards trans men and women are so broad, they render swimming and gym sessions designed to be single sex meaningless.

The definition used by Glasgow Life, the arm’s length sport and leisure body, not only includes people who have fully transitioned, or are living as an adopted gender, but anyone who identifies as trans, including men who simply cross-dress.

The person is entitled to participate in single sex sessions and cannot be excluded from participation of (sic) their chosen gender,” the guidance to staff says.

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It provides a range of definitions of those who may participate in such sessions, including “cross-dressing people (who cross dress because they feel more comfortable expressing themselves in masculine or feminine clothing).”

The guidelines say any customers who object should have the policy “sensitively” explained to them.

But such customers may be unlikely to get a sympathetic hearing, as in the same section staff are urged to “use the Hate Crime Reporting Form for any incidents”.

Some women campaigners argue this fails to consider the needs or rights of other service users.

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Susan Sinclair, who tweets and blogs as ScottishWomen said: “This is extremely alarming and is wide open to abuse from sexual predators.

“Glasgow Life needs to urgently review its guidance with a view on how this negatively impacts on women and girls who have sex-based protections.”

Vic Valentine, policy officer with Scottish Trans, said: “The definition used of who has the protected characteristic of gender reassignment does not require them to have undergone any medical treatments, or to be under medical supervision.

The law and its protections are broad, and rightly cover trans people in the early stages of living in their gender identity.”

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A spokesman for Glasgow Life, said: “We work to break down any barriers to access across our services and facilities, while ensuring everyone can take part while feeling safe and secure.

“Our policies reflect that and are designed in response to legislation.”