THE imaginative stories of a Glasgow writer are to be transformed into short films for the BBC. 

Chris McQueer, who has so far released two books of short stories, will see his creations on the screen as the public broadcaster prepares to release them on BBC iPlayer. 

Hings, released in 2017, and the follow-up, 2018's HWFG, have been hugely popular and McQueer, who describes himself as 'yer da's favourite author', is very excited to see the finished product. 

Speaking to Glasgow Live, he said: "My influences largely come from films and TV shows, and when I'm writing, I picture the story as being a wee film or episode, then just write it visually like that.

"It's an amazing feeling, it still doesnae feel real.

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"It's taken 18 months to make it happen. And all the way through, even up to the day of filming, I was like 'ah, this is too good to be true, the BBC will say we've changed our minds'.

"Then suddenly, I was on set with David Hayman. Surreal's the only way to describe it."

The three films which are to be released will be familiar to those who have read the writer's creations to date. 

Sammy's Bag of Whelks, Shiftswap, and Nightbus, are the three tales selected for the switch to TV. 

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He added: "(They were chosen) because we could make them look good, we could really stylise them. There was nae need for mad CGI for that universe factory one. Or the one about the budgie with human arms.

 "The Bag of Whelks story kicks off my first book and it's the one that draws people into my style of writing and dialogue, so it felt right to do it first.

"Shiftswap, I could see when I was writing it as a short film, really quick cuts and montages. I thought that would be great fun.

"And Nightbus is f*****g disgusting. I just wanted to see how we could recreate that!"

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