St Enoch centre revamp

WITH regards to the work starting at the St Enoch Centre (Tuesday) – I definitely think it needs revamped as a lot of shops have closed down.

This would bring jobs to this area too.

Nav R, posted online

Welcome addition

I’M pleased to see a new cinema will be coming to Glasgow city centre.

It’s badly needed in that end of the town.

St Enoch Centre has needed a makeover for a while and I think this is a step in the right direction.

MW, Glasgow

Glasgow Metro bid

This would be just what the city needs (New £10bn Glasgow Metro plan, Monday), although I very much doubt it shall get the go-ahead. Probably a cut done version due to costs.

So even Professor Begg has said pods are not workable and shall add to the mess of a public transport system we have now.

I remember 20, and even 10 years ago, there being talk of a Glasgow tram system.

With similar plans and lovely wee drawings doing the rounds. They even wasted money by sending pictures and pamphlets through the post.

Maybe this time as a city we really need to fight for it tooth and nail to one stop the madness of Paisley pods and get a bigger and bolder Metro system that is what the city is crying out for.

SM, posted online

Make use of River Clyde

Can the example of Brisbane’s ferries not be used to make much better use of the River Clyde?

Fast ferries could run along the river, providing good links- and adding value to the tourists that arrive on cruise ships. Then it’s just using existing transport links with trains/buses.

Ian Strachan, posted online