THE leader of Glasgow City Council has been reported to the Standards Commissioner after trying to "stir up a sectarian divide" in the city, opposition councillors say. 

Susan Aitken is the subject of a complaint to the Commissioner for Ethical Standards after leaked photographs of a Facebook group of SNP councillors were shared online. 

These reportedly show the Langside politician encouraging her colleagues to share photographs of a Labour councillor at Ibrox.

The comments were made after permission had been withdrawn for a fan zone at Ibrox football stadium, with the leader of the council posting in the secret social media group asking members of her group of councillors to circulate pictures of leader of the Labour group Frank McAveety. 

At the time, Ms Aitken was accused of working alongside deputy leader David McDonald and SNP councillor Stephen Dornan to stop Rangers holding a fan zone at the Ibrox Football Complex.

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But she claimed that she had been the victim of “extremist abuse” from trolls since she became embroiled in the row.

Speaking last year, she said: "I have been subjected to extremist abuse online.”

She claimed there was an “orchestrated and deliberate” attempt to attack her and her SNP colleagues.

However, the leaked Facebook post appears to show Ms Aitken sharing photographs of Mr McAveety at Ibrox with a caption reading: “Oh, and if anyone feels getting these nice photos of Frank McAveety enjoying hospitality in the Rangers directors box out there...”

Former council leader Mr McAveety has now called for an urgent investigation into the matter. 

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The leader of the council's Labour group said: “In response to legitimate criticism, Susan Aitken has sought to stir up a sectarian divide that our city is trying to consign to the past.

“That is flat out unacceptable. The leader of the council should reflect on her behaviour, and whether this is the standard that Glaswegians expect.

"I have asked the Standards Commissioner to investigate this behaviour because I do not believe that it is fitting for behaviour for an elected member.

“The SNP came to power in Glasgow promising to throw open the doors of city chambers. Instead Susan Aitken is hiding behind a computer screen to try and co-ordinate attacks on the integrity of those who legitimately question some decisions.

"Glasgow deserves better than this.”

An SNP spokesperson said: "This was clearly a joke about a photo which had been in the public domain for years. It was not acted upon and was not intended to be acted upon.”

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