OUR story on the £10billion Connectivity commission plans sparked many comments online. Here’s a selection...

We must learn lessons

Susan Aitken will need to have a robust discussion with her political masters in Edinburgh (Transport Scotland holds key to £10bn plan, Tuesday).

Let us hope that whatever happens we learn the lessons from the debacle and a costly one surrounding the Edinburgh Trams.

The project will also need buy-in from other West of Scotland local authorities as the costs etc should not fall solely on Glasgow’s shoulders when so many who will benefit from this bold and innovative proposal reside in neighbouring local authorities to Glasgow.

JP B2019, posted online

System is fantastic idea

It’s a fantastic idea and most definitely needed as Glasgow’s transport system, especially when taking a bus is poor, and takes too long because of the increase in traffic due to hundreds of thousands more people encouraged to come here.

Looking towards the future it’s a necessity and a good legacy for the SNP to rubber stamp before they are booted out in the next election.

Anne Hughes, posted online

Adapting to Metro

What happens to trains to Newton/Neilston if the Cathcart Circle line is converted to Metro?

The Circle is also used as a diversion for West Coast Main Line services, so I can’t see that happening.

David Mackinnon, posted online

Time for change

I THINK the proposals are just what the city needs. We have stood still for far too long. It’s time Glasgow thinks out of the box.

HNW, Glasgow