Wrecked seats

Anne Budge and others rightly condemned the wrecking of some seats at the recent Hibs v Hearts match but I didn’t hear any condemnation of the section of Hearts ‘fans’ who marred the 60 seconds tribute to Billy McNeill.

Lack of respect doesn’t even come near such appalling behaviour.

MA, Glasgow

Bike thefts

Hardly a surprise there is a plague of bike thefts (Evening Times, Friday) when Police Scotland are not interested in pursuing instances of thefts.

I get that there is little the police can do when there is no evidence to go on, but last year a colleague had his bike nicked from outside the office.

The incident was captured on CCTV and his friend saw the bike the next day (it was very distinctive, same stickers still on it) and snapped some pictures of who had it.

The initial officer went on leave and then it proved impossible to get anyone else from the police to come back and collect the CCTV footage or the phone images from the next day.

If the police have no interest in following up cases where there is decent quality evidence, then what chance does anyone have when there is little to go on.

It seems to be the attitude of Police Scotland, why bother pursuing thieves or investigating reports of cars crashing off motorways when their officers could be better deployed harassing law-abiding football fans?

I can only suggest the public take their own steps to protect themselves and their property because Police Scotland have no interest in doing it for you.

Kevin Murphy, posted online

New office block

WITH regards to the new office block plan (Friday) – I don’t get it... it does not fit in with the surrounds.

Tell me, other than the Radisson, there is no other decent building there, so if someone is willing to put in £95million and build something large and fancy, then why not let them.

Now it’s having to drop 14 storeys along with capacity.

How is Glasgow going to get larger businesses in the area if we are not building as big and bold as we can?

Mr A, posted online