THE Greens have launched their manifesto for the EU elections looking to elect their first MEP.

The party said the poll this month is the “most important European elections we’ve ever had”.

Scotland will elect six MEPs, unless a deal is struck at Westminster to allow Brexit to take place before election day on May 23.

The Greens are putting holding a second referendum and campaigning to remain in the EU at the heart of their campaign.

Co leader Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow launched the manifesto in the city today.

He said it was offering “hope over hate”.

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Mr Harvie said: “We’re confident that with our positive message of offering hope in troubled times, stopping Brexit and tackling the climate emergency we can win Scotland’s first Green MEP, building on recent election success both here in Scotland and throughout Europe.”

The Greens narrowly missed out on its first MEP at the last European Parliament elections when UKIP saw David Coburn elected as its first elected representative in Scotland.

The SNP and Labour each had two MEPs and the Conservatives one.

The priorities for the Euro vote for the Greens is stopping Brexit and tackling the climate change emergency.

It says we can create 200,000 jobs in Scotland with a Green New Deal based on renewable energy and a sustainable economy.

Election convenor Maggie Chapman said: “These are the most important European elections we’ve ever had.

“They’re Scotland’s chance to be heard - our chance to send a message that our democratic decision to stay in the EU must be respected.

“Scotland needs a Green voice in Europe to fight for a just and welcoming society and for the radical change that’s needed to tackle the climate emergency, which is the defining issue of our age. No other party is prepared to take the bold action which this global emergency demands.

“Greens also provide the antidote to toxic far right hate. The rise of the hard right across Europe is deeply disturbing, but it cannot be countered from the centre. That’s why a Green wave is sweeping the continent and why I’m determined to join it as Scotland’s first Green MEP.”

The SNP, Labour, Conservatives. LibDems, UKIP Brexit Party and Change UK are also standing.