BELLE and Sebastian singer Stuart Murdoch will speak at an event in George Square to raise awareness of debilitating illness myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

More than 21,000 Scots struggle daily with the illness, with charity bosses saying they are being failed by a health service that has so far appointed only one specialist nurse to support them.

If that specialist, who works in NHS Fife, was to divide his time among all the people who could benefit from it, he would be able to devote less than a second a week to each one.

A global week of action organised by #MEAction from May 5 to 12 aims to raise awareness of the plight of people with ME.

The speakers at the Glasgow Millions Missing event on Sunday will include Stuart Murdoch, lead singer of Belle and Sebastian, Professor Chris Ponting and Carol Monaghan, MP for Glasgow West.

Stuart Murdoch will be performing with some band members from Belle and Sebastian.

Events will begin in the square at 2pm with speeches and live performances.