AN ice-cream boss is facing jail after sexually assaulting two former staff members at work.

Mark McCrorie, 23, preyed on the female victims twice at the Cravings shop he owns in Partick and once in his car.

He was found guilty of assaults on the two waitresses between February 2017 and March 2018.

He denied each of the charges against him but was convicted on April 16 at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Last night a victim of the dessert shop boss hit out after learning he was still working there.

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Dionne Egan bravely waived her right to anonymity to speak out about the ordeal.

The 20-year-old, from Scotstoun, was studying her final year at school when she got her first job in the West End shop.

Retail assistant Dionne said: “I was 17 when I started working at Cravings and he started being creepy around a month later.

“It was always when I was in the back of the shop and another time was in his car, which was frightening because I felt trapped.

“During the week it would always just be me and him in the shop so that’s when it would happen.

“It’s been the most heartbreaking thing to go through and keeping it quiet was even harder.

“For anybody to go through something like that is horrible and I would never wish it against my worst enemy.

“I question myself why I never left but there was a mixture of emotions going on at the time.”

During various occasions between February 1 and May 31, 2017, McCrorie sexually assaulted Dionne by seizing her bottom with his hands, seizing her waist, pushing her against a work surface and attempting to kiss her before pushing her.

He then pushed her against a work surface and started to push his groin against her in a vile thrusting motion.

Then, between April 2017 and May that year, he was found guilty of sexually assaulting Dionne within a vehicle by placing his hand on her groin area over her clothing and touching her there.

In a separate charge involving 19-year old victim Toni Allan, who was working her first trial shift on March 27 last year, McCrorie carried out a similar assault by seizing the young woman on the bottom, grabbing her by the waist, pressing his groin against her bottom whilst making a thrusting motion.

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He also placed his hand against her neck in an attempt to bend her forward, pulled her down onto his lap and made a further thrusting motion with his groin, before pulling the victim’s head towards his in an attempt to kiss her.

McCrorie denied each of the charges against him but was found guilty on April 16 at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Former shop worker Melissa Young, 20, also gave evidence about his behaviour.

She claims she was also groped by him while working in the shop after starting when she was 17 but was too shy to report it to cops.

Instead, she told the court evidence of hearing about Dionne’s assaults and of McCrorie’s sleazy behaviour.

Mum-of-one Melissa said: “I didn’t tell the police what had happened because I was heavily pregnant at the time police contacted me.

“I worked at Cravings for more than a year between January 2017 until February last year.

“He was always employing young girls and he worked there every day.

“In the back he’d call you in saying that you’d forgotten to turn a machine off and he’d try and bend you over and touch you.

“He’d look at my pictures and compare me to his girlfriend and make really creepy comments.

“About half a year into the job that’s when he started sexually assaulting me, it went on for about a month and a half.

“I was still at school at the time – which he knew – and he’d try and touch my bum and make me feel uncomfortable.

“It was disgusting. He’d only do it when you were alone in the shop in the back room.”

A High School year book with McCrorie’s picture suggested he would be the most likely out of his classmates to end up in prison.

Last night McCrorie declined to comment.

Dionne said: “I’m just glad I can put it all behind me now and I’m glad to see that he will be punished.

“I felt disgusted to hear that he was still working at the shops with kids and other young girls there.


“I think he deserves jail time for what he’s done.”