Stevie Chalmers memory

My best memory of Stevie Chalmers was one when playing at Ibrox against Rangers.

He ran to meet the ball, kicked out by the goalkeeper, and Harold Davies followed him when the ball reached Stevie, he opened his legs and allowed the ball to bounce over Davies’ head and Stevie ran round him and passed the ball to Bobby Lennox.

A few minutes later the same ball kicked out by goalie, Stevie ran to meet it but noticed Davies stepped back, not to get caught out again, Stevie then sat down, stopping the ball with his backside, then standing up and again putting Lennox through on goal.

A masterpiece by a great player.

Willie Burns, posted online

What’s in a name?

The news about all the people named Archie Harrison reminded me of an Evening Times’ front page of many years ago in the 60s.

A Beatles record had just come out and there was a big photo of a wee girl in Easterhouse surrounded by her smiling friends. The girl’s name? Eleanor Rigby!

Scott Sullivan, via email

Cyclists on pavements

I have just watched the TV advertisement on keeping cyclists safe and have no problems with that.

However, in recent weeks I have noticed a marked increase in cyclists using pavements and pedestrian only areas.

Some are quite aggressive and appear to think that they have a right to speed through these areas.

The police and community officers just look the other way as they can’t be bothered.

The other day I watched a cyclist meander through red lights at the Argyle Street/Union Street junction without a care in the world as folk crossed the road.

Talk about a law unto themselves.

MA, Glasgow

School parking

I don't think you will ever change the attitude of parents who attempt to drive as close as possible to primary schools to drop their children off – even in private estates.

In my experience from parents parking outside St Helen’s Primary in Bishopbriggs, they will just give you verbal abuse if you dare to question their selfish attitude.

Ben, via email