JLS star Ortise Williams raped a "zombified" female fan in his hotel room and let his tour manager join in after getting her drunk following one of his concerts, a court heard.

The 32-year-old singer is accused of launching a sex attack on a 20-year-old tattoo artist after plying her and two pals with booze on December 2, 2016.

A court heard the three women had queued to meet the pop star to have their picture taken "for a joke" after he had performed at Gorgeous night club in Wolverhampton.

Williams told one of the girls she "should be a Victoria Secret model" before he gave them free alcohol and they spent the the night "dancing and mucking about" in the VIP area.

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At the end of the evening, one of the women went home in a taxi while the two remaining friends went back to the city's Ramada Hotel with Williams.

The girls ended up in the room that the former JLS singer was sharing with 32-year-old pal Jamien Nagadhana and at one point started cuddling on the bed, jurors were told.

A court heard Williams then took this opportunity to try and have sex with one of the girls, who were described by hotel staff as looking "spaced out and zombified".

Prosecutor Miranda Moore QC said the victim made it clear she didn't want to sleep with Williams and both women ran out into the hotel corridor.

One of them returned to the room as she had lost her phone, which "was a grave mistake" as Williams allegedly picked the woman up and “plonked her down on the double bed”.

He then took off her underwear and started performing a sex act on her while groping her, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

It is alleged at that point "his really weird friend" Nagadhana joined in and "put his finger up her bottom" as she struggled on the bed while Williams raped her.

The victim said she told the pair to "p**s off" and "f**k off" but had not been as "fighty" as she could have been before she ran from the room crying after several minutes.

Hotel staff put the woman into a room so she could calm down, where she curled up in a ball and then said she had been sexually attacked.

Police were called the following day and both Williams and Nagadhana were arrested.

The alleged victim told officers how Williams "was straight up my skirt and down my pants" after she climbed onto the bed with her female pal.

After she returned to the room she described how "with the blink of an eye my pants were off" before he forcefully had sex with her as she told him to "get off."

Williams went on trial accused of rape while Nagadhana is accused of assault by penetration.

Opening the case, Miss Moore QC said: "The two ladies and the guys went back to the Ramada Hotel in taxi and ended up in room 216, which was the men's hotel room.

"A hotel member of staff remembers seeing them come into the hotel.

"He said the two women were spaced out and looked zombified and were not properly with it.

""In the room was a double and single bed.

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"Her friend got on the double bed and asked the victim to cuddle her.

"When she did this Mr Williams tired to have sex with her and he had his trousers down and had a condom on.

"The victim said no and she didn't want to have sex with him.

"The girls went into the bathroom and managed to leave. Her friend started to have a panic attack in the corridor.

"They were making a lot of noise and a woman called Marinda came out, she was also a member of staff but had rented a room for the night.

"She said the friend was shaking and sweating and looked after her.

"The victim was concerned and said she couldn't find her phone and wanted to go back to the room to get her phone.

"That was a grave mistake.

"She knocked on the door and it opened and she walked in. Mr Williams picked her up and plonked her on the bed.

"She is on her own in the room with the two men, the woman said what are you doing and kept saying 'no' and to 'get off'.

"He put her on the bed and took her pants off and started giving her oral sex.

"He said she had a nice bum and called her baby, she said she felt scared and pathetic.

"She tried to get away. She eventually got away crying and got out of the room.

"She wanted to act like that never happened."

At one point, the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said she had "laid down like a dead body" in a bid to end her ordeal.

In her police interview, she said: "'I was quite scared. I felt more pathetic, if that makes sense. I felt just worthless.

"He got in behind me and pulled down his pants and was trying to grind on me like he was trying to have sex.

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"This other was just sat on the bed just watching this all happen, it was weird.

"I was pushing him away, I shoved him with my legs. I wish I had pushed him off more harder.

"I just felt I wanted it to be over. He didn't stop until I started crying, I just got my stuff and left."

Describing events earlier in the night, she said: "We were drunk but we weren't paralytic drunk.

"I was kissing my friend and he jumped in and started to put his tongue in and we told him to stop it.

"He started grabbing us on the bums whilst we were sat down, it just went really weird in a split second

"We decided to go and he came in front of us and made the suggestion to go back with him to a hotel.

"My friends said no because they had boyfriends so I think he just latched on to me.

"He put his arm around me and we were walking out and I was telling him I need to get my stuff out of the locker room but he was having none of it, he was edging me out.

"Then we got into a taxi, he didn't force me in but he was really pushy."

Williams claimed in his police interview that had drunk a similar amount to the women that evening and that the sex was consensual.

He told officer he had problems performing and the woman had been annoyed that he hadn't been able to keep going.

Williams also said Nagadhana had nothing to do with the incident and was under the covers at the time.

The singer said the alleged victim and her friend had wanted to go back to the hotel and had instigated sexual activity.

Williams told police there had been a "free-flowing vibe" at the nightclub, and he was "getting on well" with the alleged victim.

Williams said: "I'm the artist. I think both of them, they both kind of wanted to be involved with me in some degree."

Nagadhana told police he had touched and kissed the woman on her bottom but claimed he was trying to sleep when the alleged rape took place.

Williams, of Croydon, south London, and Nagadhana, of Hounslow, west London, deny the charges.

JLS shot to fame on X Factor in 2008 after finishing runners-up to Alexandra Burke and went on to sell over ten million records.

Williams set up a music firm and sang solo under stage name OWS after the band split in 2013

The trial continues.