GLASGOW Twitter users have slammed the decision to axe The Jeremy Kyle Show - but not Love Island.

ITV today said “now is the right time” for its confrontational talk show to end following the death of a guest.

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The daytime TV offering was suspended indefinitely by the broadcaster on Monday following the death of a participant, 63-year-old Steve Dymond, a week after a programme featuring him was filmed.

The programme has now ended for good following an outcry and calls for it to be cancelled from MPs and members of the public.

However, Glasgow Twitter is questioning why the same action is not being taken for ITV2 reality show Love Island after the death of ex-contestant Mike Thalassitis.

Thalassitis, 26, who found fame on the dating show in 2017, was found dead in north London on March 16, sparking calls for those thrust into the public eye by reality TV shows to be given better mental healthcare.

One Glasgow Twitter user wrote: “It was definitely time for Jeremy Kyle to be cancelled.  Love Island should be next as there has been 2 suicides in the short time its been on. It also contributes to poor self esteem and basically enforces that only the most beautiful deserve to be loved.”

Another added: “So Jeremy Kyle has been asked shame but at same Love Island and similar s*** like that should be following next double standards??”

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“Love island as well as any other reality tv show should 100% offer more support to their contestants. Jeremy Kyle makes a living off of exploiting those who are clearly very vulnerable and humiliates them in the process. By the time his “team” counsel, the damage is already done,” was one comment.

“Jeremy Kyle has been cancelled after one suicide, but Love Island will continue after two? Disgrace,” blasted another angry Weegie.