Church of Scotland congregations are being encouraged to introduce a contactless collection payment system .

Some congregations are already using the up-to-date technology which has resulted in people donating money when they maybe wouldn’t have done before.

But Kirk officials are now keen to show people how contactless terminals could make donating faster and easier.

Kirk officials recommend GoodBox, a company that specialises in supplying charities with the technology, with one of its devices which is small enough to sit in a brass collection plate that gives parishioners the option making a contactless payment or to donate using notes or coins.

National Stewardship co-ordinator, David Lynch has described the GoodPlate technology as a “game changer”, with he and his team who will be showcasing the GoodBox devices at the General Assembly’s Heart and Soul festival in Princes Street Gardens this Sunday.

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He said: “Digital giving shows that the church is willing and able to embrace modern technology and it recognises that we are living in changing times.

“It fully understands the need to look at new and emerging methods of income generation.”

David said the number of people who do not carry cash is increasing.

He said: “The purpose of encouraging congregations to adopt a system is to provide those people looking to donate with the widest possible options.

“It will also give congregations the option of a new portal of income generation for events and hall rentals.”

The money that is collected via the contactless part of the normal financial mission of each congregation and be used in the same way as collection and bag donations.

With the possibility of the digital giving growing in the near future, Mr Lynch said he does not think it would replace traditional donation methods anytime soon.

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He explained:” I think what we will see going forward, particularly with GoodBox’s brass plate, is a merger of the two. Some churches already have terminals and enquiries are increasing.”

Rev Grant Barclay of Orchardhill Parish Church in Giffnock, said bringing in the system of having contactless payments has it benefits and its flaws but is in favour of the idea overall.

He said: “I’m quite in favour of it, but why should it be more difficult to give money in a church service than in a café or a bus. I don’t think we should be making it harder than that.

“For people who are not giving regularly, it makes it possible for them to give if they wish in a way that is easy for them. “

He added: “For most people it wouldn’t make any difference because most members of my church already give thoughtfully and regularly and directly from their banks.


“So they wouldn’t need to make contactless payments, their generally already giving by direct transfer anyway.”