It was nearly seven o'clock and the sun was still peering at Tec through the clouds above. "Not long until summer now," he thought to himself.

The bright weather outside was not reflective of Tec's mood - he may have gotten the better of that mobster, but the week had almost defeated him. He was exhausted.

Settling down in his tattered leather recliner, he longed for The Moll to come through the door herself to start a romantic night in.

Then, just as he was drifting off, the phone rang violently and he reluctantly picked up. It was Toots, and she was not pleased.

"Tec, where are you? It's almost seven! Our reservation is in ten minutes." The realisation hit him like a crook with a crowbar - their anniversary dinner was about to start.

He jumped in the Buick and took off, driving so fast dust kicked up into the air.

Racing up past Central Station and up Hope Street, he pulled in and left the car outside The Mussel Inn, just yards from The Moll, who was waiting patiently.

As they walked in they were surrounded by accents from around the world - a pleasant surprise in a Scottish seafood place.

They were greeted immediately by staff, who looked rushed off their feet, and were seated and brought menus.

Tec's long week and The Moll's relief at her partner remembering their anniversary meant they both ordered a strong drink. Dollface was soon sipping on her Caorunn while Tec glugged down a sweet and cold cider.

Both ordered only fish, with The Moll even choosing to have tiger prawns for both courses, with a bread basket tiding them over until their food arrived.

To start, she enjoyed them served with spicy chorizo and vegetables - simply sublime.

This was followed by even more shellfish, with the main coming stir-fried in a soy and oyster sauce. Both were wolfed down without complaint.

Tec, meanwhile, had ordered queen scallops, served with black pudding to start - a fantastic choice he thoroughly enjoyed, resisting the temptation to lick his plate clean.

Given they were dining in The Mussel Inn, it felt only right that Tec order some of the mussels for himself, deciding to have them served in red pepper sauce. The only criticism was that there were not more in the pot.

Neither could spare any room for dessert, but left knowing, with excellent and attentive service to complement the food, it would not be long until they are back.



Tiger prawns £7.90

Grilled Queenies £6.90

Stir fried tiger prawns £17.95

Red peppers mussels £15.20

Chips £3.80


Gin and tonic £4.90

Thistly Cross Cider £4.50

Total £ 61.15


FOOD - ⭐⭐⭐⭐


SERVICE - ⭐⭐⭐⭐