VIEWERS have taken to social media to question the audience selection process on BBC Question Time on Thursday night.

It comes after eagle-eyed members of the public identified a number of Conservative councillors in the audience. Ex-MSP Mary Scanlon was selected to speak at length without identification.

Several joked about Tory 'plants', while others demanded to know how so many Conservative activists had got through the vetting procedures.

One woman said she had been turned down for the programme for being 'too political' simply for being a former staff member in an SNP MSPs office. "There's no excuse for this nonsense," Catriona Mackenzie Tweeted.

The credibility of the audience selection is horrendous. I wasn't allowed on #bbcqt when I applied years ago - I was Parliament staff (parliament, not party) - because I worked for an SNP member and was told that was "too political," so there's no excuse for this nonsense.

— Catriona Mackenzie (@CatMackenzie7) May 16, 2019

The fiercest critism of the flagship TV politics show came from supporters of independence and of the SNP.

  However some viewers defended the programme, arguing that Mary Scanlon may have been an MSP, but was now simply a member of the public and perfectly entitled to appear.

The BBC has been contacted for comment.