The number of sexual crimes in some parts of Glasgow have more than doubled in the past five years.

New figures released by Police Scotland show council ward areas across the city have experienced significant rises in the number of such offences.

In Glasgow as a whole, reports of sexual crimes have risen by around half since April 2013.

While police in Glasgow say they are disappointed by the latest figures, senior officers say there are a number of reasons, such as increased reporting, specific operations and the changing nature of online sexual crime, which could result in relative increases.

Superintendent Craig Smith said: “There are a number of reasons why there is a recorded rise in sexual crime. Working in partnership, Police Scotland is committed to protecting our communities from the threat, risk and harm caused by sexual crime.

“Anyone wishing to report an offence, whether recent or non-recent, should contact Police Scotland. 

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“We understand how difficult it can be to take this step, however we want to assure people that we will listen, we will investigate and we will work closely with a range of partners to ensure support is there for those who need it.”

While the highest rate of sexual crime per head of population, which include sexual assaults and rapes, was recorded in the Anderston/City/Yorkhill area, wards such as Calton, Southside Central and Govan also experienced very significant numbers.

In the city centre the number of rapes and sexual assaults recorded by police are up substantially, 71 per cent and 43 per cent respectively in 2018/2019.

Officers covering Calton ward saw a total of 203 sexual crimes recorded last year, up from 119 the year before.

In Southside Central, there was a drop in the number of sexual crimes in 2018/2019.

However, the figure of 125 was still around 30 per cent up on the five year average in the area.

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This is something that cops in the area, as well as politicians, are working hard to tackle.

Southside Central’s Councillor Mhairi Hunter said: “Crime and the fear of crime is a major issue in parts of Southside Central ward and I frequently meet with police, who are very committed to reducing offending.

“It’s also important that we continue to work collectively with all our community planning partners to tackle the causes as well as the consequences of crime, so that we can have safer neighbourhoods for all.”

Meanwhile, the number of sexual offences in the East Centre ward of Glasgow have more than doubled since 2013.

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Only two areas, Newlands/Auldburn and Hillhead saw drops in the number of sexual crimes in the past five years.