A GLASGOW housing association has said it has taken “appropriate action” to deal with an “infestation” of rats within a tenement block. 

Footage released by the Evening Times shows as many as 10 rats scurrying across the back court of a Govan tenement block. 

Complaints were made to Govan Housing Association earlier this month about the reported continuing problem at the address in Howat Street. 

Bosses from the social housing provider claim the vermin issue has now been dealt with, but those living in the building say the response has been less than adequate. 

A mother-of-four, whose apartment looks on to the back court, claims a much bigger removal plan is needed to deal with the rats. 

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She said: “I think this has been something ongoing. I emailed about this more than two weeks ago. They need to do something. 

“They have come to have a look but they can’t just be putting down one bait box – this is an infestation, not just one or two rats. 

“I really don’t want to stay there. I’ve got four bedrooms, and they are just outside the window of my four-year-old’s bedroom at the back. 

“The rats have made all of their nests in the walls. There were hundreds of babies in there – they were coming out of there like a conveyor belt.”

The resident, who claims she has seen as many as 20 rats at a time in the back garden of her block, believes the infestation originated in nearby Govan Road, accessing the tenement through breaks in the brickwork. 

However, brown rats have also been known to nest near water, with the River Clyde yards away from the street. 

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Govan Housing Association has called the reports of rats in the building “concerning” and said it will continue to monitor the situation to help eradicate the vermin from the area. 

It added it was not aware of the footage of the swarm of rats filmed by one of the association’s tenants. 

A spokesman said: “We cannot comment on any individual’s personal complaints made to the association, but we can confirm we have recently received a complaint about the sighting of rats in the Howat Street area, for which we have taken appropriate action. 

“May we also confirm with you we had not at any time received a copy of the reported evidence, including video and pictures as described.

“It is deeply concerning our residents are suffering from the effects of this recent occurrence and we will continue to monitor the situation, working with our estates team, outside agencies and Glasgow City Council environmental health officers. 

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“We would also like to thank our tenants and residents for their continued support when disposing of household refuse by securely bagging and binning all food waste, preventing the attraction of vermin.”