CELTIC fans have been blasted for leaving a section of Glasgow in a “disgusting” state following treble treble celebrations.

Despite an open-top parade to celebrate the Hoops’ victory being cancelled on Saturday amid safety fears, hundreds still poured out onto Saltmarket, High Street, Trongate and Gallowgate to party.

Now, Evening Times readers and environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful have hit out at the piles of bottles, cans, plastic bags and other debris left strewn across the streets.

One reader wrote on our social media: “Look at all the mess they made all the rubbish shocking.”

Another added: “The mess they left they streets in - never heard of a bin?!!??”

“Mess of streets and I say that about any team fans the mess is terrible,” was another comment.

“The mess left behind is disgusting,” added another.

One reader wrote: “Disgusting mess they have left to clean up.” Another reader replied: “You beat me to it. I was in town on Saturday night to pick my daughter up from work and the mess in Saltmarket was awful.”

Paul Wallace, operations manager at Keep Scotland Beautiful, told the Evening Times the mess was “not acceptable.”

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He said: “Everyone wants to have a good time and celebrate but, sadly, this is all too typical across Scotland after public events – and it is not acceptable.

“We all have a responsibility to act differently, not drop litter, and to use the bins when they are available.

“We are already bringing local authorities, businesses and communities together to tackle litter levels across Scotland. However, they alone cannot solve this problem.

“We all need to work together to deliver the level of behaviour change required so we don’t drown in a sea of disregarded rubbish.”

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Iain Gulland, chief executive of Zero Waste Scotland, added: “Dealing with litter and fly-tipping costs over a million pounds a week in Scotland - and that’s money that can be better spent on other priority services.

“Litter is national problem and one that can be easily solved. It’s everyone’s responsibility to put waste in the right place and help keep our streets clean. We would encourage everyone to do their part and make use of recycling and general waste bins.”

Glasgow City Council says on its website that it “delivers a zero-tolerance approach to littering,” adding that an £80 penalty is applied “in line with the Scottish Government's national guidance.”

The local authority also says it provides a 24-hour street cleansing and litter service, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Allowing the public to report litter, the local authority adds: “Litter is unsightly and potentially dangerous. It creates unnecessary work for our teams who are responsible for litter clearance throughout the city.”

A spokesman for the council told us “there is no excuse for dropping litter.”

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He added: “Everyone has the responsibility to dispose of their rubbish in the right way at all times.

“People are required to put their rubbish in a bin and should keep their waste with them until they can find a bin they can use.

“It is a constant source of disappointment and frustration that there are people in Glasgow who use the streets as their own personal litter bin.”