Fans have taken to social media after hundreds of Westlife fans were told they can either stand or go home at the band's SSE Hydro gig.

Organisers say 'traffic delays' meant that those seated on the ground floor of the venue would have to stand for the duration of the band's set tonight.

Many attendees say they were not alerted to the change in plan until they arrived at the gig, or saw a Facebook post which was posted by The SSE Hydro less than half an hour before the gig was due to start.

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The disruption has meant fans, including elderly and disabled, have been hit with the choice of standing for the set or taking a refund.

Fan Sophie Campbell told The Evening Times that she does not go to gigs often because of her asthma, but made an exception to see Westlife with her mother Margo.

She paid for front row tickets, only to arrive at the gig and be told 'it's a free for all'.

She said: "I don't go to concerts to stand because my asthma is too bad, small enclosed spaces don't work for me.

"I was told when I got here I could stand or get a full refund. That's all.

"I asked for a wheelchair for my disabled mother and was told she can either deal with it and stand or go home and come back to the hydro tomorrow for a refund, so I've got to drive all way back to Glasgow for a refund."

Sophie is not the only disappointed fan who has to take a refund. After chipping in to buy tickets at Christmas, Jamielee Cassidy's mother and gran could not physically stand during the concert.

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The mega fans have previously been to around six concerts, and could not wait to spend another night singing, only to be told at the last minute it would not be possible.

Jamielee told The Evening Times: "My grans got sore legs and has to use a walking stick.

"For them to turn round and stick on Facebook 45mins before they open the door to say it's all standing area there is a joke.

"They were really looking forward to going tonight."

Many fans have taken to social media to share their anger at the arrangements.


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