Glasgow City Council is planning a major redesign of one of Glasgow and Scotland’s most famous landmarks but first they say the public must have their voice heard.

Decisions are likely to focus on the debate over whether to ban or restrict cars and vehicles from the four streets.

Proposals could include a totally car free square or part-pedestrianisation to allow some public transport to pass through.

It could mean the north and south stretches could allow buses or the whole square for pedestrians only.

Susan Aitken, council leader said that the square needs to change and said she wants to start a discussion to find out what people want.

George Square will be used for a fan zone for the 2020 European Football Championship in the city and will be closed to vehicles.

It will also be the focal point of the 2023 cycling world championships and any changes by then will need to be able to accommodate the event.

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Last year a survey of 5000 people found that 75% of people in the city were in favour of temporary pedestrianisation for events and 67% supported a permanent car and vehicle free square.

The council wants to hear from the public and will set up a tent in George Square for people to come and express an opinion.

Susan Aitken, Glasgow City Council leader, said: “George Square is unfinished business for Glasgow. Nobody can say they are happy with our main civic space as it is.

“Residents and visitors understand that we can’t just leave it as it is. It is important that we don’t impose something on the city.

“We won’t repeat the mistakes of the past but equally we do have a set of principles for what the square needs, it needs to be accessible, it needs to be clean and it needs to be focused on people.

“A place where residents and visitors want to spend time and that the city genuinely feel belongs to them.

“So let’s start this discussion and hear what the residents want for a space that has had an important role in its history and will play an equally important role in its future.”

There will also be local consultation events planned across the city.

Previous attempts at making big changes to George Square have not gone down well and there is a recognition at the council that it did not get it right before.

Previous plans for George Square sparked controversy.

In 2012 an international design competition was launched for a revamp of the square, which included removing the statues and the raised grassed beds to create a bigger flexible space for events.

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Plans for new lighting and a water feature were central to the redesign which was expected to cost around £15m.

More than 100 design and architect firms from around the world expressed an interest in bidding for the work.

The proposals, particularly the statue removals, were roundly criticised and were quickly abandoned in the face of public opinion and a temporary resurfacing carried out instead.

It is understood that any new proposals put forward will be considered before the council then instructs a design company to draw up plans that will then go out for full public consultation.

There will be no international design contest this time.

At this stage there is no proposal or preferred option from the council.

George Square was a central part of the Connectivity Commission recommendations which wanted to ensure the city centre was a space where people were prioritised over vehicles.

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It could also be the location of an underground train station for a tunnel linking the rail networks north and south of the city centre in the future.