GLASGOW Uber drivers fear proposals for cab drivers to sit an SQA English test will cost too much for low earners.

The Independent Worker’s Union Great Britain (IWGB) says the cost of the qualification, which will be between £300 and £400 for both taxi and private hire car operators, is too high.

Sources say this could prevent people entering the trade and put the public at risk, resulting in more passengers taking lifts from unlicensed vehicles.

Glasgow’s licensing committee this week approved plans to introduce a policy that means new drivers and those renewing their licence will need to complete an SQA qualification before they can take passengers.

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Drivers will also be tested on their knowledge of the city in an attempt to tackle the rise in passenger complaints, which have more than doubled in the last five years.

Despite agreeing the council needs to introduce private hire training to improve the safety of passengers and

drivers, Uber claim these tests could prevent drivers from applying for a licence.

Chris Dames, the chairman of the Glasgow group of the United Private Hire Drivers, a branch of the IWGB, said: “We are pleased the council is ensuring passenger safety with the new qualifications but the cost to the drivers is far too high.

“Many of our members invested in cars on the promise of income that never materialised. The council and operators should help the low-paid and find the money to help drivers.”

Sources say the company believes regulation should be put in place should be proportionate but not as strict.

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It claims extreme rules could be counter-productive for passengers who may end up taking a lift home from unlicensed vehicles, walking home or drink-driving – endangering themselves and others.

The company thinks further consultation on the training course should take place.