Readers have had their say on plans to revamp George Square after it emerged Glasgow City Council is planning a major redesign of the popular city landmark. 

Under plans, a public consultation would be held over whether to ban or restrict cars and vehicles from the four streets. Plans range from a car-free square to a public transport only route. 

In 2012 an international design competition was launched for a revamp of the square, which included removing the statues and the raised grassed beds to create a bigger flexible space for events.

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Andrew McMillan wrote: "It should have been totally pedestrianised years ago along with the rest of the centre of the City. Do it now." 

Touching on all the events that are currently held in the Square, Vicky Pritchard wrote: "Please, please put all the entertainment rides etc to Glasgow Green where there is plenty room for it to be laid out properly and leave the square for pedestrians.

"It's always an eyesore when it's filled up with fencing, rides and food stands."

Ronald Bowie said: "I'd be the first to nag about George Square rehabilitation and citizen consultation is fitting, but this just sounds like more 'somewhere over the rainbow' stuff."

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Gerry MaGuire commented: "Leave it be. Spend the money on filling the potholes and cut the 2" long grass on our roads verges, clear the unsightly and disgusting litter on the underpasses around the city.

"Stop playing politics with George Square. It was fine before GCC started the contest to waste money year in and year out."

William Logan added: "It's fine the way it is, so why spend a fortune changing it?

"It would be better to spend the cash on an underground connection between Queen Street and Central stations."

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James Hamilton wrote: "This should be extremely low on a list of GCC priorities.

"We need clean streets, roads with no potholes, better social services for the elderly and those in blocked beds in hospital. Please get real and deal with today's problems."