A DRUG dealer caught by cops throwing away a bag of powder said he was trying to support his young daughters.

Craig Devlin was collared by police on patrol at Lenzie Terrace when he put his hand in his pocket, removed an item and threw it away.

The officers suspicion was aroused and he was taken to a police station while his address at Lenzie Terrace was searched.

A stash of 14.2g of Class A drug heroin was found along with polythene bags during the search on April 201, 2018.

The 38-year-old said to cops: "I'll make about £100 from that. I'm struggling to get by on benefits and I've got two wee lassies."


Devlin, from Springburn, was sentenced to a structured deferred sentence and will be called back to Glasgow Sheriff Court for a review in three months.