THIS week saw Apple unveil its new iOS 13 software at the Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference.

These are the top features that will be coming to your iPhone with the update, according to Andrew Cartledge, mobile expert at

1) Dark mode

Dark mode is set to be a trend in smartphones this year, with Google also applying this update to its Android Q system.

This mode will allow users to invert the colours on their display, to feature a dark background with white text.

The idea is that this mode can reduce eye strain, especially in the dark.

In the new iOS 13 update, Dark Mode is expected to be functional across the core apps such as photos, calendar and music.

2) Swipe to type

Apple’s new ‘QuickPath’ typing introduce the ability to type by swiping across the keyboard as an integral part of the software, without having to download an app to do so.

The feature still provides spelling suggestions as usual and is particularly useful when typing with one hand.

3) Photo and video editing

The new editing features in iOS 13 are among some of the most significant updates. Portrait lighting allows you to light your skin however you wish in portrait mode and there are also a handful of new filters to try out.

The editing tool will also be coming to video mode, meaning users can rotate their video if they’ve shot in the wrong orientation.

4) Find My

Apple has combined Find My Friends with Find My iPhone as the rumours suggested, naming the tool “Find My”. This new feature will enable you to locate your phone, even if it’s offline, by using a Bluetooth beacon.

According to Apple, the tool is encrypted and anonymous and won’t let thieves use or reboot your phone unless you activate it.

5) Siri gets a new voice

Apple has introduced new AI software in this update to make Siri sound smoother and more natural. The AI technology will work to reduce the number of gaps and ‘non-human’ sounding words in Siri’s speech.