A DRUNK thug who punched a man in a stand up fight at a wedding reception has been order to carry out unpaid work.

Christopher Purcell was at a joint wedding reception and birthday celebration when a fight in the party venue spilled downstairs and out on to the street.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that Purcell, from Toryglen, punched another man while "heavily under the influence" before going on to kick in the door of a neighbouring Chinese takeaway.

Cops were called who lifted the 32-year-old and took him to Cathcart Police Office.

Sheriff Barry Divers sentenced Purcell to a Community Payback Order.

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He will have to complete 160 hours of unpaid work, reduced from 180 hours due to tendering a plea of guilty.

Purcell will be under the supervision of social workers for one year.

And he was also forced to pay £200 in compensation to the Kings Park Chinese Takeaway for the broken door at a rate of £30 per week.

The court was told that two witnesses had been outside the venue on Curtis Avenue, Rutherglen, on November 11, 2017, when they saw Purcell go in.

Around 12.50am the following morning the accused became involved in an altercation that spilled out from the function from upstairs.

Witnesses observed the accused punching another male in a stand up fight.

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Police later attended and arrested the accused and placed him in the back of a police vehicle before he was taken to Cathcart Police Office.

But before the arrest, Purcell was seen to kick the door of the neighbouring Kings Park Chinese Takeaway.

A glass panel was kicked and smashed at the takeaway, causing £230 of damage to the eaterie's main door.

Purcell's defence brief, Leon Kondol, told the court Purcell had been "Heavily under the influence of alcohol" at the time of the offence.


He added that one of the witnesses had provoked him by pushing into his face.