A GLASGOW politician is to meet with SFA bosses to discuss his concerns about Celtic Football Club's handing of historical abuse involving the team's boys club.

Conservative MSP Adam Tomkins said he had also requested a meeting with Peter Lawwell, the club's Chief Executive.

Mr Tomkins voiced criticism after the Herald and Times group revealed that Celtic had been carrying out its own two-year investigation, in secret, looking into historical abuse cases involving Celtic Boys Club.

It follows a string of convictions for former employees including Jim Caffrey and Frank Cairney.

The probe – which is ongoing – has been headed by senior officials, legal counsel and third parties in complete secrecy as it looks to trawl through years of allegations to reach the truth.

Because of the sensitivity around the claims including potentially both legal and civil actions, only a handful of people have been privy to the operation.

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Mr Tomkins has written a second letter to Mr Lawwell, accusing the club of not putting abuse victims "at the forefront" of it's investigations. Other criticisms levelled against the club include a failure as yet to put in place a compensation package for victims.

He writes: "On the same day I wrote to you, I received a letter from the SFA. They have been in touch to arrange a meeting. It's a pity you have not done likewise.

"How a wholly secret investigation at the best of an insurance company, can constitute a process designed to put the rights and interests of victims at the forefront?"

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Mr Tomkins added: "My main criticisms are: 1. that what Celtic have said about the relationship between the football club and the boys club (ie that they are “entirely separate organisations”) does not appear to true and 2. that Celtic’s processes have been entirely secret and cannot therefore have been designed to help and support victims, which much surely be the paramount consideration."

Celtic came under renewed criticism when Jim McCafferty became the fourth person connected with Celtic Boys’ Club or the club itself to be jailed over abuse.

He was caged for six years, following Jim Torbett, Frank Cairney and Gerald King through the justice system.

Celtic Football Club has been contacted for comment.